basic information
NAME: lily
LOCATION: new zealand
D.O.B: 23 September
AGE: 15
STAR SIGN: libra
hi this is like an intro page ive made so all my info can b in one spot and i dont have to update everything on all my tumblrs and twitters each time i change smth lmao im lazy

anyway im a big lesbian for my gf jac they deserve everything in the world and i never shut up abt them theyre beautiful (follow them on twitter and tumblr)

uh i dont have a byf but i might sb if u seem rly gross and bigoted

if u wanna know more abt me u can send me a message!
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want smth else?
  • if you wanna find out something thats not been listed here or somewhere else, then feel free to shoot me an ask!

  • i'd also appreciate an ask if you want a follow back on anything, because sometimes i dont check for a while. just send me "snow blossoms" if you want that!
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hi i'm lily! this is my navi page. you can look through here if you wanna find out more about me. i'd love to be friends!